About Telema


Telema offers IT solutions for managing companies' sales and purchasing processes. The company was founded in year 2000. In 2013, Telema connects over 1000 suppliers with more than 3000 shops all over Baltics. Additionally, Telema has clients in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Germany, in total more than 1000 companies from 14 countries.


Telema's goal is to support its clients businesses with the help of various EDI-based services. We complement our services with fast and high-quality customer care. The client support functions have become a highly valued part of our offering.

Telema services are created to help clients to:

  • improve the efficiency of sales and purchasing;
  • remarkably reduce the amount of manual labor;
  • decrease errors;
  • gain competitive advantage;
  • achieve more with the same number of employees.


More information about Telema services can be found on Telema e-services site.



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