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1 newcomer and 4 veterans, 30 in total

Related to evergrowing network in Lithuania, Telema welcomed to its Lithuanian team ARMINAS ZILAITIS in July 2015. As an IT Project Manager, his main tasks include managing customer integration projects and offering technical consultation. Arminas has many years of experience in IT field. Arminas' background enables him to offer our Lithuanian customers professional support.

For the new people joining it is reassuring to have veteran colleagues. Five Telema employees celebrated their long service in 2015. Chairman of Council Toomas Veersoo joined the company 15 years ago in August. In October were the 15th working anniversaries of CEO Hele Hammer and Chief System Administrator Margus Liiv and 13th anniversary of System Developer Raul Tõniste. Congratulations and way to go!

 Hele Hammer Toomas Veersoo Margus Liiv Raul Tõniste

Currently, there are 30 people at Telema team, however we expect six new specialist to join us in early 2016.

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What unites academic lectures to Halloween pumpkins?

The correct answer is Telema team - we are proud of many skills and activities of our employees.

Many of us pass on their knowledge to logistics and IT students. Telema IT Project Manager Raul Silde has a 16-hour course “Electronic Data Interchange” at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences every fall. Product Manager Sven Uustalu repeated its 24-hour course “Inventory management and collaboration in the supply chain” for master students at the Tallinn University of Technology.

Ball games
Table tennis and volleyball are Telema’s favourites. We got our own table tennis board in the beginning of October 2015. Right away came the team triumph at The Estonian Open of Companies' Table Tennis! Our CEO Hele Hammer and Sales Manager Kalle Kuuspalu became champions in their respective categories. Practice makes perfect!

As an annual tradition, at the end of October, Telema participated at the Kõvaketas volleyball tournament for IT, telecom and media companies. We did not come close to winning, but improved our position from last year. We are happy for having the best cheering group and getting a great dose of team spirit.

Fun in and outdoors
On October 29th, Telema celebrated the Funky Hat Day. The winners: Tanel Pastarus (EST), Valdis Zītars (LAT) and Jelena Siomina (LIT) were awarded with Halloween pumpkins. Check out the funny Telema headwear.
On November 5th, Telema set out to help our little friends in the neighbouring Luha kindergarten. The lovely sunny afternoon passed raking tens of stack of fallen leaves. What a fun way to give back to the community!

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