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Newcomers in Telema team

In the first half of 2015, Telema welcomed five new members and said hello again to one returning from the maternity leave.

  • MARKS DRESMANIS joined Telema Latvia’s sales team in February 2015. As a Sales Specialist, his main responsibility is managing customer relations and establishing new ones. His previous experience in sales and project management from Latvia and UK is a good asset. In February 2015, Telema was also happy to welcome back
  • DIANA FRIEDRICHS, our Business Technologist returning from the maternity leave. Diana’s tasks include business analysis and engineering, quality management as well as coordination of development process and testing. She has been the member of Telema team since 2006.
  • Month of May brought Telema four new employees in Estonia. KSENIA VECHERININA reinforced our development team. Her main duty as Tester-Developer is to keep Telema System bugfree. Ksenia has studied International Economy and is acquiring her degree in IT. Her former employers include Swedbank and Transcom.
  • AVE ROOS was selected from among 50 applicants to the position of an Account Manager. She is responsible for her client portfolio and sales reporting. With the experience of eight years in a small private business as sales and marketing manager, she is a good addition to Telema’s sales team.
  • KRISTEL KÄLLE applied for an internship in Telema, but ended up with a “real job” as an Assistant. She is studying logistics at Tallinn University of Technology and has a vast project management experience from various student organizations.
  • SIGRID SALURI joined our product management team. Her first priority is to manage the new product development in the e-invoicing field. Sigrid has a strong professional background in finance and auditing. Lately she has focused more on IT working as a Business Manager in BCS Itera.

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Ugly Sweater Days and Rat Races - Telema people live passionate lives

Being professional, brave, caring and passionate guide Telema people through daily work tasks. Can these company’s core values be equally applied to activities beyond office? Definitely, if you are participating in a marathon or fighting for a sports championship! Mix in some creativity, patience and good sense of humour, and you get an excellent team formula.

The new spring tradition, Telema Table Tennis Tournament, took place in March. The table tennis Telema champions of 2015 are Kalle Kuuspalu and Hele Hammer. In April 2015, the need for achievement took our Product Manager Sven Uustalu to complete the 100-km Võhandu Rowing Marathon. May 2015 saw our sales team biking around in Pärnu, despite the pouring rain. FC Jelgava, where our Sales Specialist Marks Dresmanis is a coach, won the Cup of Latvia in May. In the beginning of June 2015, Telema participated in charity run Rat Race 2015.

A new annual tradition was started in February: the Shrove Tuesday of 2015 was an Ugly Sweater Day at Telema. The fierce competition for the title “Ugliest Sweater of 2015” ended with a draw between Kaupo Noormaa and Toomas Veersoo. In Telema celebrations often involve music and singing. Some people take it rather seriously - Margus Liiv sings in Tartu Academic Male Choir and Kristina Uus is a member of the Choir of Estonian Latvians. Both choirs concerted in May in Estonia and Latvia. Raul Tõniste plays an active part in the mandolin orchestra “Saku Mandoliinid”. Take a glimpse of their 2015 spring concert series Bella Italia.

Challenging work and good relations are a secret to long Telema careers. In April 2015, our Office Manager Eva Kiisa celebrated 13 years in Telema. We like to call Eva our guardian angel. In May, Diana Friedrichs, our Business Technologist reached the milestone of working nine years in Telema. Congratulations to both of them!

In June 2015, our Customer Support Specialist Triinu Himma earned her master’s degree in the Supply Chain Management from Tallinn University of Technology cum laude. Four more colleagues are in process towards earning their master degrees in business administration, logistics or information technology.

Last but not least, news from Down Under: Telema Project Manager Merlin Saareste, who is taking a year off in Australia, was one of the 119 skydivers who set the Australian Record in the beginning of June 2015. Way to go!

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