February 14, 2013
14.02.2012 Telema commenced with e-document traffic between A le Coq and one of the biggest retailer in the Baltics.
Yesterday the first EDI orders from retail chain were sent to A le Coq, one of the biggest beverage producers in Estonia.

For years one of the biggest retail chains has been sending orders to its suppliers via e-mail, using .txt format in Estonia and Latvia and .xls format in Lithuania. Using e-mail for transferring business documents has several disadvantages - e-mail may be delayed or even get lost, there are security as well as confidentiality risks to consider.

Using EDI channel, on the contrary to e-mails, is secure - there are no problems with spam, nor viruses. In addition, EDI operator guarantees the authorization of document senders and makes sure that the document reaches the right recipient.

Before successful launch the project went through a thorough planning and development phase. As a result, the technical solution of the service considers requirements of both, retailer as well as supplier and eases the ordering process of extensive product assortment, such as A le Coq's.


Soon all ordering will be transferred to EDI platform, traffic of e-invoices should also start during this year. The retail chain is preparing for EDI solution of a 4-document supply process.
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