January 31, 2013
31.01.2013 Telema got a high AA rating from Krediidiinfo
Krediidiinfo AS, member of Experian Group, awarded Telema with a high AA credit rating and a Certificate of a Successful Estonian Company 2012.
The Krediidiinfo rating is a company’s unique overall rating which is based on an analysis of the economic and financial situation as well as the payment behaviour of the business. It is a thorough, reliable and prompt credit analysis instrument applied to all actively operating companies in Estonia. Krediidiinfo rating is a summary grade given to companies.

The rating is expressed by letter combinations and has seven levels from highest AAA to lowest C. The AA level places Telema among the 13,9% of the best Estonian companies. The rating is a strong sign of trustworthiness and solid contingency to clients, partners as well as employees.

Telema AS