May 18, 2010
18.05.2010 Telema: EDI document traffic grew over 50% in 2009

Telema AS, the leading EDI operator in the Baltics, transferred and processed 4,1 million documents in 2009, which is 52% more than in 2008. Trade documents exchanged through Telema represented 3.4 billion euros worth of trade. Daily amount of e-documents surpassed 10,000 for the first time in August 2009.

Since the volume of transactions is highest in the FFMCG (food and fast moving consumer goods) sector, more than 80% of EDI documents are exchanged there. Telema system is also used by many construction-, electronics- and other trade companies.

As in previous years, the most popular document type is invoice, the total number of invoices surpassed 2 million. There were more than 1.1 million electronic orders sent to partners. In addition to invoices and orders, shipping notices, sales reports, offers, delivery despaches and several other e-documents were electronically exchanged between the trade partners.

By the end of the 2009, there were 18 500 e-trade links in Telema system. E-trade links reprsent supplier and retailer partnerships actively exchanging e-documents through Telema. T
he growth in links compared to the year 2008 is over 64%.

The growing number of links and exchanged documents is very likely related to the difficult situation in economic environment. Many companies find it increasingly important to be cost-effective by avoiding mistakes, saving time and using human resources efficiently.

Although Telema has customers in more than ten countries, its main market is in Baltics. The largest relative increase was in 2009 in Latvia and Lithuania. Last year Telema acquired first clients in France, Poland, Greece and Holland. At the end of year 2009, Telema was in negotiations with companies from 11 additional countries.

Telema is the leading EDI operator in the Baltics, offering IT solutions for auto­mated data flow in supply chain processes. Telema forwards and translates orders, invoices, despatch advices and other commercial documents from one system to another. There are over 2500 shops and over 750 suppliers using Telema network, annually more than 4 million documents are exchanged. Most clients are from the Baltic States,
but also from Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany and France.

Telema AS