May 23, 2011
18.05.2011 EDI document traffic increased 32% in 2010
Telema AS, the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States, transferred and processed about 5,4 million EDI documents in 2010, which is 32% more than in 2009. EDI documents are the electronic documents that are used in trade transactions (e.g. orders, invoices, despatch advices) and can be processed by computers.

More than 80% of the EDI documents are exchanged in food and fast moving consumer goods sector, where there are very many transactions daily. EDI documents are more and more used also in other business areas, for example in construction, electronics, books and other. The usage of EDI documents in retail sector is an innovation with quick payback, as orders sent by e-mail or phone are replaced with EDI messages.

In 2010, the most popular EDI document type transferred trough Telema system was EDI order, the total number of orders surpassed 2,1 million. There were about 1,7 million EDI invoices and more than 1 million EDI despatch advices sent to partners. In addition to these documents, also order responses, sales reports, inventory reports, despatch orders, offers and several other EDI documents were electronically exchanged between trade partners.

The number of e-trade links – the connection between one supplier and one buyer – increased to 30 000 (that is +43,6% compared to year 2009). Most of Telema’s 3200 clients are operating in the Baltic States. In addition, Telema has clients in eight other European countries.

The number of activated client contracts increased by 52% compared to the year 2009, particularly succesful was the year 2010 in the Latvian and Lithuanian market where several large retail chains joined Telema system.

Telema is the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States offering different IT solutions for automated data flow in supply chain processes. Telema transfers EDI documents (orders, despatch advices, invoices, etc.) and processes them according to the business rules. At the moment, more than 2300 retail stores and 850 suppliers are using Telema system, annually over six million documents are exchanged. There are 25 employees in Telema.
Telema AS