December 01, 2009
01.12.2009 Telema new clients from France, Poland, Greece and Netherlands, growth +70%


In November 2009, Telema cooperation area widened to four new European countries. In addition to clients from the Baltics countries, service agreements were concluded also with clients from France, Poland, Greece and the Netherlands. In total, 45 new clients joined Telema EDI network, 12 of them from Estonia, 18 from Lithuania, 11 from Latvia and the remaining from abovementioned new countries. In November 2009, Telema intermediated 325 thousand EDI documents that is 70% more than in same period the previous year.   


According to Ivars Krafts, Telema Latvian Sales Director, there is an evergrowing interest towards Telema services from outside Baltic States: ?Most retail chains have many suppliers outside Baltics. Over-the-border EDI document flow saves time and money for both retailers and their suppliers and the interest towards this service has grown remarkably in last few months.? 


Telema is the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States, offering IT support to supply chain processes. Telema has over 600 clients, mostly in Estonia, but also in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany. In 2009, about 4 million business documents will be exchanged through Telema that represent trades worth 3,5 billion Euros.
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