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May 11, 2012
Telema MMT ver 1.25.13 - customer balance details

1. Sales restriction and detailed information of customer balances
2. Creating orders without registering event (visit)
3. Automatically delete document history
4. Quick order entry settings added

Changes and improvements in Telema MMT version 1.25.13 comparing to the previous version (1.20.1)


1. Sales restriction and detailed information of customer balances *

The most important development in new version. Depending on the source data the customers with sales restriction or customers having overdue invoices are shown red in the customers list 

Open the customer card > tap on "Amount overdue" sum > the detailed information of open invoices will open. Tap on Amount overdue again - the detailed information is hidden

* Note! This functionality works only if it is ordered from Telema and the customer balance data is regularly sent to Telema system from your ERP system.

2. Creating orders without registering event (visit)

If you do not use the events functionality (registering visits), in new you do not need to register visits any more when making order. The order can now be started directly on the customer card tapping on button "Add document".

3. Automatically delete document history

Now it is possible to define the number of days the documents (orders, survey responses etc) are kept in the device. Open Telema MMT > open Settings > insert the number of days in the "History (days)" field. E.g. If you insert 180, all the documents older than 180 days will be automatically deleted.

4. Quick order entry settings added 

The user can define how to insert products into the order. Open Telema MMT > open Settings > choose the preferred option on Quick Order Entry field:

On - products can be inserted into the order through little window opening in the products list upon tapping on the product. In this case the product card does not open at all.

Off - product can be inserted into the order only through product card

Smart - the product can be inserted into the order both ways - in product list and through product card

The default option is "Smart".


  • The Stock field is empty if no stock balance data is received, i.e. "0" is not displayed any more.
  • The current amount of the order is displayed on the Status bar.
  • When activating the field in the product card the text is automatically selected.

  • Upon copying of the document the additional information and delivery date are not copied.
  • Upon copying of the document options “Only Quantities” and “Quantities and Prices” are displayed, i.e. respectively only quantities or also discounts of the old order in addition to quantities are copied into new document.
  • Document history has been added to customer card and to event view. It is also possible to copy the documents in these views. Users who use events functionality, first need to start new event for the customer, and can then copy the documents in the event view.

  • The language of the application can now be set independently form devices language. By default Telema MMT application is still in the same language with device but it can be changed easily: Open Telema MMT > Settings > choose the desired language in the Language field and Save > restart the application. Telema MMT needs to be restarted for the language options to take effect. Language is user dependant, thus it should be set separately for each Telema MMT account.
  • After opening a document in Events or Documents menu and returning to the list, the list is in the previously scrolled place.
  • The visit date cannot be set into past any more.
  • Barcode scanner improvement to read UPC-A codes.
  • Display improvement of the product card to be compatible for tablets.

If you have any good ideas or proposals on how we could improve our Telema MMT service, please do not hesitate to send them to our product manager Sven Uustalu at

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